4–7 May 2015 : Montréal, Canada

The WICSA track is organized into plenary and working sessions. All sessions take place in room A-1170.

11:00–13:30, Tuesday wicsa plenary session 1:
Socio-technical focus

session chair: Henry Muccini


The Danger of Architectural Technical Debt: Contagious Debt and Vicious Circles Antonio Martini and Jan Bosch

A Study on Architectural Decision Making in Context Iris Groher and Rainer Weinreich

An Architectural Framework for Collective Intelligence Systems Juergen Musil, Angelika Musil, Danny Weyns and Stefan Biffl

13:30–15:00, Tuesday wicsa working session 1:
Supporting changes

session chairs: Patrizio Pelliccione and K. Eric Harper


Supporting Dynamic Software Architectures: From Architectural Description to Implementation Everton Cavalcante, Thais Batista and Flavio Oquendo

A Unified Approach to Architecture Conformance Checking Andrea Caracciolo, Mircea Lungu and Oscar Nierstrasz

Hotspot Patterns: The Formal Definition and Automatic Detection of Architecture Smells Ran Mo, Yuanfang Cai, Rick Kazman and Lu Xiao

15:30–17:00, Tuesday wicsa working session 2:
Software architecture in the long run

session chairs: Danny Weyns and John Klein


When Software Architecture Leads to Social Debt Damian Andrew Tamburri and Elisabetta Di Nitto

Architectural Technical Debt Identification based on Architecture Decisions and Change Scenarios Zengyang Li, Peng Liang and Paris Avgeriou

Why Data needs more Attention in Architecture Design – Experiences from prototyping a large-scale mobile app ecosystem Matthias Naab, Susanne Braun, Torsten Lenhart, Steffen Hess, Andreas Eitel, Dominik Magin, Ralf Carbon and Felix Kiefer

11:00–12:30, Wednesday wicsa plenary session 2:
Helping architects architect

session chair: Ipek Ozkaya


Architectural Decision Guidance across Projects Olaf Zimmermann, Lukas Wegmann, Heiko Koziolek and Thomas Goldschmidt

Architecture Knowledge for Evaluating Scalable Databases Ian Gorton, John Klein and Albert Nurgaliev

A Conceptual Model for Architecting Mobile Applications Scott Barnett, Rajesh Vasa and Antony Tang

13:30–15:00, Wednesday wicsa working session 3:
Wicked problems in practice

session chairs: Cesare Pautasso and Liming Zhu


Architecting in the Automotive Domain: Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Architecture Ulf Eliasson, Rogardt Heldal, Patrizio Pelliccione and Jonn Lantz

A Proactive Support for Conceptual Interoperability Analysis in Software Systems Hadil Abukwaik, Matthias Naab and Dieter Rombach

Exploring Software Architecture Context K. Eric Harper and Jiang Zheng

15:30–17:00, Wednesday wicsa working session 4:
More than just architecture

session chairs: Olaf Zimmermann and Rich Hilliard


Architecting in a Solution Costing Context Eltjo Poort and Eric van der Vliet

Towards Architecting for Continuous Delivery Lianping Chen

Enriching Architecture Knowledge with Technology Design Decisions Mohamed Soliman, Matthias Riebisch and Uwe Zdun

13:30–15:00, Thursday wicsa working session 5:
Modeling complexity

session chairs: Damian A Tamburri and Grace Lewis


Migrating to an Extensible Architecture for Abstract Syntax Trees Luís Diogo Couto, Peter W. V. Tran-Jørgensen, Joey W. Coleman and Kenneth Lausdahl

Proactive Detection of Higher-Order Software Design Conflicts Jae Young Bang and Nenad Medvidovic

A conversation based approach for modeling REST APIs Florian Haupt, Frank Leymann and Cesare Pautasso